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João Queiroz, Architect

  • PT/JCArq
  • Entidade coletiva
  • [1920]-[1982]

João Marcelino Queiroz established his architecture atelier in the 1920s, without legal formalities, under the name João Queiroz, Arquitecto, in a rationalist building on Rua de Santa Catarina, Porto.
During his career he worked on his own; he designed all the parts of his projects himself, even when the demand from his clients increased in the 1940s.
He designed some iconic buildings, mainly in the city of Porto, including: Cine Teatro Olímpia, Trindade Cinema, Café Magestic and created a design for Batalha Cinema (not built). In addition, João Queiroz also designed new, single-family and multi-family houses; interventions for public and private buildings, and was responsible for alterations, extensions, repair works, renovations, and constructing showrooms. He also carried out projects in the area of funerary architecture.