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Marques da Silva/Moreira da Silva. Family

  • Família
  • 1728-2002

The designation of the collection of information produced and received by various members of the Marques da Silva/Moreira da Silva families is based on both family names.
José Marques da Silva, a central figure of the Marques da Silva family, and producer of relevant professional information, married a member of the Lopes Martins family and lived in one of the latter's houses, gentlemen with a confirmed presence in Brazil. The money brought from Brazil by the family was invested in the purchase of properties and of movable and immovable property. All the information produced by his wife, Júlia Lopes Martins, and her family, is incorporated in this collection.
He had two daughters with Júlia Lopes Martins. The younger one, Maria José Marques da Silva Martins, married David Moreira da Silva. Through that marriage, all the information about the Moreira da Silva family is also included in the “parent” family.
The classification of this family collection is thus based on these three family branches.

Meneses Tavares e Távora. Family

  • Família
  • [19--]-2005

The designation of the information collection produced and received by various members of the family is based on the family names Meneses Tavares and Távora, with which Fernando Távora is affiliated. The family name derives from the last names of the first generation represented in the archive, Maria José Lobo de Sousa Machado Cardoso de Meneses and José Ferrão de Tavares e Távora, who got married in 1912 and had a son, Fernando Luís Cardoso de Meneses de Tavares e Távora. He, with Maria Luísa Meneses, forms the second generation represented in the archive.